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Social Cultural Capital Europe Leeuwarden Friesland 2018

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Dear foreign visitors

It is a great pleasure to meet you here. At the same time we have to apologize. You will find at DWJM Social a lot of blogs written by Dutch authors, in their own beautiful language. We really would like to translate them all into English, to offer you the same entertaining information as is available for Dutch visitors. But we do not have the illusion that this is a realistic goal. So feel free to use some translation software, in case you detect a blog that looks really interesting to you. In the meantime we will do our best, to inform you about our deepest purposes and intentions. So please read on.


Threefold Double-U and Repeat

What's in a name? Threefold Double-U and Repeat can also be written as Www&wwW. This abbreviation stands for 'World wide watching & writing wiseguy Wanderers'. We adore our fantastic name, especially in these English versions. Because written in Dutch it looks quite silly; we will show you. 'Wereld wijd waarnemende en weergevende wijsneuzige wandelaars.' Please, don't laugh when you try to read it. Or do laugh, and read on. Read on, because our deepest intentions are very nobel. As a team of World wide watching & writing wiseguy Wanderers we try to make a lot of fun. But on the other hand we are worried sometimes.


Be glad not to be a Dutchman

We are worried. That is not the right mood to be in, of course. We should be happy, not worry. The year of 2018 should be one big partytime, especially in the Capital of Culture Leeuwarden and the surrounding province of Friesland. So we try to be worried in a happy and cultural way. That is why we have written down our deepest concerns in a short poem. We have written it down, not in a hopeless way, but as a solution. If we just try. So be glad not to be a Dutchman at the moment. While they are partying and reading all our written nonsense, you know already everything about us bij reading this summary and the poem. Just try. And keep trying when you are back at your own place. See you!


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